For Experts, Coaches, Solopreneurs...

Attract new paying clients and grow your business by launching a

Smart Mini-Course

In just 2 Weeks

Without complicated webinars, launch tech, or wasting hours on social media.

Have you already tried to attract clients online with minimal results?

Although we always hear, that nowadays everyone should go online and make money, those who have tried it know how difficult and demanding it can be.

And the worst part … most people waste months or even years trying to get ahead only to end up with very little results.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

There is a much easier way to make profit online

I've Got The Solution!

Create a Smart Mini-Course and establish yourself as an Expert while building a client base with people that like you and trust you.

Mini-Courses are the secret of successful online entrepreneurs

For Experts, Coaches and Solopreneurs a high-quality mini course can be the start of a successful online business. It can help them position themselves in the online marketplace as experts in their field and thus enable them to build their tribe of paying customers who are not chasing the next free product.

Mini-Courses can become a steady source of revenue and new clients

They don’t take months to create

You don’t need to have clients to start making money

They allow you to test the market

They can position you as an expert

They will help you build a list with valuable paying clients

They will become your first, easy step to your online success

They will give you the confidence that you can do it

But... there's a BIG problem...

Creating a course can be time-consuming, difficult and overwhelming for most people.

Besides… who knows if it will pay off in the long run?

Contrary to what most people say, it's not enough to just "create it and the clients will come"

To succeed online, you need to create a mini-course, but you also need to know the science of selling it!

Today all of your trouble can be over once and for all

The solution is Smart Mini Courses

This is what you will learn:

Module 1: Your Market & Your Mini Course topic | You will define your audience and the topic of your course and you will make sure your topic will sell.

Module 2: Your content | You will create your course content.

Module 3: Pricing and sales page | You will learn how to price your course and how to create a compelling sales page to get your visitors to decide to invest in your course.

Module 4: Technical Set up | You will decide how to deliver your course. Simple steps to deliver your course even if you are not tech savvy.

Module 5: Your course launch | Simple ways to spread the word about your course.

Plus you'll get these Bonuses


Workbook template to help you create your first smart mini course.


Excel Worksheet to help you calculate your earnings.


A list of topic ideas to help you start creating your mini course faster.

Create your own smart mini course in only 2 weeks
(€297 value)

JUST € 47


As an author, trainer and service provider myself (personal & business growth strategist) I know first-hand how difficult it can be to attract new clients and how easy it can be to get lost following your dream of succeeding online.

My experience has shown me that most of times the solution we are looking for is right in front of us, but we can’t recognize it because we are to busy running after the “big” and “important” things. And we miss the smaller but essential things that will become the first steps to our success.

We try to do what our established competitors do, without understanding that to get we must start by taking a small but solid first step. 

Before we build the penthouse, we need to start with the ground floor.

I created Smart Mini-Courses to help you take that first, small but firm and absolutelly necessary step

A Smart Mini-Course is the best way to get started! It will get you your first clients and help you build your tribe and your reputation.

Ready to give your business a boost?

Creating a smart mini-course eliminates most of the problems that stand in your way!

Imagine what would happen if you finally had an online product ready, out there, to generate revenue for you ...

People choose to invest in those they know and trust. A quality mini course can become the ticket to your world and your skills. It will become the first step for your clients to getting to know you and trust you.

With a smart mini-course you'll be able to...

Does this all sound too good to be true?
Are you still thinking "who am I to think I can't do it?"

Yes you can!

How do I know?

I've done it, my clients have done it, your competition does it every day.

Although we all went through phases of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, we managed to achieve positive results. The Smart Mini Course program will show you how.

If you want to get started now and move on fast, invest in the Smart Mini-Courses program. It will show you simply and quickly what you need to do to get your new mini course on the market in 2 weeks.

Create your own smart mini course in only 2 weeks
(€297 value)

JUST € 47